Taxi driver analysis ending relationship

taxi driver analysis ending relationship

I've read a few interpretation that the ending is a dream sequence, Could she have gotten in his cab deliberately to start a relationship again?. The ending of the relationship between Travis Bickle and Betsy. up vote 3 Browse other questions tagged character analysis taxi-driver. Before going more deeply into the analysis that will enlighten our view on Martin According to conventional wisdom, the ending of Taxi Driver presents a . This vision is also fed by the strange relationships Travis entertains with many.

After the shoot-out, Martin Scorsese gives us an overhead shot of the brothel.

taxi driver analysis ending relationship

As the camera slowly pans down the hallway and into the street, we see the blood-stained walls, the bodies slumped on the floor, and the curious spectators gathered outside.

After the monologue, we watch as Travis picks up Betsy in his cab and drive her home. During their short commute, Betsy almost expresses remorse for rejecting Travis.

Taxi Driver - What Does The Ending Really Mean?

When she steps out of the cab, Bickle refuses to let her pay for the ride and drives off into the night, leaving Betsy behind. It all seems a little too perfect that Travis suddenly went from psycho loser to white knight, especially since his claim to fame is murdering three people. Did Travis survive the shoot-out? Are we experiencing his dying thoughts? Can the sequence be accepted as literally true?

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I am not sure there can be an answer to these questions. The end sequence plays like music, not drama: It completes the story on an emotional, not a literal, level. Why has that taxi-driver been sitting across the street without moving, staring at us?

taxi driver analysis ending relationship

Relationship Story Thematic Conflict Confidence vs. I thought maybe you could play it for me on your player. This is the first indication she has had that she may be getting in a little too deep with this fellow she does not know. She is curious, intrigued, tantalized. Like a moth, she draws closer to the flame: Travis, I have never met anybody like you before.

He expects to go to her place, to play the record, on their first date: Cause Relationship Story Symptom Travis thinks that buying Betsy gifts and flowers will endear her to him; that getting her into a porno theater will somehow turn Betsy on to him; that physically holding her back will prevent her from leaving in a taxi, etc.

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Effect Relationship Story Response Travis thinks that being with Betsy will end loneliness and bring happiness to both of them; that giving her an unopened record will result in being invited to hear it at her place; that sending her flowers will result in her changing her mind about him; etc. Oh, I got over that. It was nothing, really.

The papers always blow those things up.

taxi driver analysis ending relationship

He volunteers to work for her, and convinces her to go for coffee with him. But he chooses a porno movie, alienating her from him.

Relationship Story Backstory Both Travis and Betsy have impossibly high expectations in a potential mate.

taxi driver analysis ending relationship

Simple poise and status do not impress her; she seeks out the extraordinary qualities in men. I do not believe one should devote his life to morbid self-attention, but should become a person like other people.

taxi driver analysis ending relationship

She was wearing a yellow dress, answering the phone at her desk. The crowd parts like the Red Sea, and there she is: She appeared like an angel out of this open sewer.