Time and eternity towa ending relationship

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time and eternity towa ending relationship

Time and Eternity is an animated role-playing video game for the PlayStation 3. It uses 3D models for backgrounds and hand-drawn 2D sprites for characters and enemies. The story is centered on a princess, Toki, and her alter ego, Towa. . " Talking About Time And Eternity, Blue Dragons, And Marriage". Siliconera. Unfortunately, this is Time and Eternity all over: strange, niche, slightly begins at the celebration of Princess Toki's marriage to her anonymous and at the end of the game which forces you to pick either Toki or Towa (or a. Time and Eternity (alternate Japanese Portmantitle: Tokitowa) is a Childhood Marriage Promise: The driving force behind the plot, but not in the way one Finishing Move: Once certain conditions are met in battle, Toki/Towa can end the .

Also, she displays the ability to transform characters into giants ; she first attempts this ability on Cui, but had not perfected it and causes him to shrink instead.

Time you’ll never get back — Time and Eternity Review

She perfects her ability shortly after, and uses it on several Frieza Force commanders and soldiers. She also collects a sample of blood from Nailand turns the frog in Ginyu's body against the heroes. When Cell-X became impatient, he left Captain Bacterian's dungeon for an abandoned cave behind a waterfall where other Cell-like creatures continue to help him collect energy. Realizing the Future Warrior has detected her presence, Towa walks out from her hiding spot with Mira, complementing the Warrior by saying they're pretty sharp.

Time and Eternity ~ Toki ending and Miraculous Ending

Towa realizes the Future Warrior is the one who's snooping around, and sarcastically hopes they are not planning on interfering with their plan, believing it would be a mistake to cross them; Mira then tells the Warrior he will eliminate them here and now before powering up.

Mira then fights the Future Warrior while Towa watches the battle from afar. As the Warrior fights Mira, Towa mentions to the Warrior that they've been altering history and making it far more interesting, though due to the Warrior's actions their changes have been undone, much to Towa's dismay.

However, she did find the Warrior's accidental Body Change with Ginyu amusing, taunting the Warrior by calling it a splendid move on their part. Towa's first appearance in planet Namek After the brief fight, Mira is revealed to be unimpressed and disappointed by the Warrior's power.

time and eternity towa ending relationship

Mira then decides to end the fight by taking their energy and put it to good use, but is stopped by Towa. She begins interrogating the Warrior, asking who they work for and who is helping them, realizing they couldn't have managed to travel through time alone just to fight her and Mira.

Time and Eternity

However the Future Warrior gives her the silent treatment. Towa decides not to force the issue and tells Mira they will leave them alone for now, as long as Mira doesn't mind. She also states that the Warrior is nothing to them at this point and she can't extract enough energy from them at this point anyway, indicating that she senses some latent potential in the Warrior. Towa and Mira then decide move onto the next era. Before leaving, Towa says she will let the little Warrior live for now, but if the Warrior interferes with their plans again they will have the Warrior erased from existence.

Towa has Mira fight them while she goes and takes away Gohan's energy in order to have Cell defeat him, she then retreats with Mira.

Towa collects the nucleus of Mira A secondary part of Towa's agenda is that she wants revenge on Majin Buu for killing her brother Dabura, and so sends Mira to kill Goku and Majin Buu and take their energy.

After the defeat of Demigra, Towa finds what remained of Mira, and begins to make plans for revenge as seen in a post-credit scene. Xenoverse 2 Main article: After Turles stops Lord Slug from antagonizing Mira, he asks Towa if she had brought what he had requested and Towa confirms she has before handing him and Lord Slug Fruit of the Tree of Might which she had exposed to the effects of the Demon Realm amplifying the Fruit so that whomever consumed it would be granted power beyond compare.

As Turles leaves, Mira tells her she should reprogram them, she states that there was no point as they were already wreaking havoc throughout history and says that she had everything well in hand while glancing in the direction of the Masked Saiyan. It was later revealed that Towa had tainted the fruit with her dark magic, which continued to give Slug and Turles more power. During the Android conflictTowa increased Imperfect Cell's power, so he was stronger than Android 16, allowing him to overpower the Android and absorb both 17 and 18, allowing him to transform directly into his Perfect form before the arrival of Future Trunks and Vegeta, potentially causing the Cell Games to never occur, though the Future Warrior manages fix this change.

Though Future 16 is defeated by Future Gohan with the assistance of the Future Warrior it causes Mira to step in, which in turn causes Xeno Trunks to defy the Supreme Kai of Time and travel to Age in order to protect his master and fellow Time Patroller from Mira, and almost causes Xeno Trunks to alter his own history by trying to prevent Future Gohan's death, though the Future Warrior and Future Gohan manage to convince him not to go through with it.

At some point, Towa had gained possession of an Energy Absorber identical to the one used by Babidi and his henchman, which she had the Masked Saiyan use to acquire enough energy to further empower Mira following his defeat at the hands of Xeno Trunks, Future Gohan, and the Future Warrior. She also gained control over Broly and Janembaand had them interfere in the battles against Majin Buuwhile having the Masked Saiyan collect energy from their battles.

She also hacks into the Time Nest's communications and alters her voice to sound like Chronoa's in order to trick Beerus and Whis to travel to the Time Nest in Age by pretending to be Chronoa and claiming that both she Towa and Mira were attacking the Time Nest in Agethough when they fail to sway the God of Destruction, she bribes him with the promise of cream puffs which she claims were made by Xeno Trunks after Beerus reveals he dislikes Chronoa's notoriously terrible cooking.

Her acting as Chronoa manages to convince Beerus to leave Agewhich prevents Whis from assisting Goku and his friends when Frieza destroys the Earth, resulting in the deaths of Goku and his allies that Whis originally saved. However, when Towa fails to appear as Chronoa had suggested she would after Golden Frieza and his brother are defeated, Beerus becomes angry and Whis is forced to spar against him and the Future Warrior in order to calm Beerus down.

Soon they are confronted by Towa's present self, who Xeno Trunks attacks, only for the Masked Saiyan to appear and block his punch. Towa reveals that after being rescued from death by the wormhole, Bardock fled into the distant past, implying that she was unintentionally responsible for the events of Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock and that she and Mira captured Bardock following his battle with Chilled.

After capturing Bardock, Towa used her scientific knowledge to modify Bardock's body to increase his power and brainwashes him into the Masked Saiyan. Eventually Mira joins the battle as well and Towa suggest they use Xeno Trunks and the Future Warrior's energy to unite the Demon Realm with the rest of the Universe, confirming Xeno Trunks' suspicions about her motives.

Towa reveals that by connecting the Demon Realm with the rest of the universe she intents to create her ideal universe which she calls a garden of evil, blooming with hatred and rage, however Xeno Trunks refuses to allow her dreams to come to fruition.

After being freed by the Time Patrol, it is stated by Xeno Bardock that while free of her control he retained the power increase brought on by the modifications that Towa had made to his body.

Angered over being manipulated, Xeno Bardock grabs Mira and both himself and Mira through a wormhole that Towa had created to seal away Xeno Trunks and the Future Warrior in a rift between dimensions.

Towa is dismayed that she has lost Mira, but then reveals she has also taken control of the original Future WarriorAce. The two Future Warriors fight, and after Ace is freed from Towa's control, Towa goes back in time to Toki Toki City in Agejust as Xeno Trunks is about to make the wish that summons Ace to defend history and kills Shenronwhich creates a massive time distortion in all of the Time Scrolls due to Ace's absence that is strong enough to even effect the Time Nest and Conton City in Agecausing Xeno Trunks, the 2nd Future Warrior, Elder Kai, and Chronoa to lose their memory of Ace, though Xeno Trunks manages to recover his memory of Ace thanks to the mask Towa had used to control them and discover the alteration that Towa had made in Age To stop this from happening, Xeno Trunks has the second Future Warrior travel to Age and with the aid of Xeno Trunks' past self they manage to stop Towa from killing Shenron, allowing Xeno Trunks to make the wish that summons Ace forcing Towa to retreat.

However it is revealed that this was simply a ruse and Towa uses Ace's Mask that Xeno Trunks' had brought back with him in order to bypass the barrier that Chronoa and Elder Kai had erected around Conton City and the Time Nest following Demigra's attack in Age Towa reveals her infiltration by attacking Chronoa from behind. Towa reveals Tokitoki 's egg which has the power to create another timeline contains enough energy to easy restore the Demon Realm allowing her to rule time and space once more.

She demonstrates its power by using it to summon Mira from the time rift he had been sealed in by Xeno Bardock. Upon returning to Age??? As the Future Warrior battles an even more powerful Mira, Towa realizes that Mira's personality has changed and notices that he has bypassed his own power limiter, which could destroy the entire universe.

Towa reluctantly helped the Future Warrior defeat Mira. Towa then tries to retrieve Mira's core, but then Mira grabs Towa stating he had grown beyond her schematics. Mira then states he will grow stronger by absorbing his creator and forcibly absorbs her and Tokitoki's egg.

Towa is shocked that her creation would betray her, and says he is nothing but a failure, as she and the egg are absorbed. Before succumbing to death, Mira apologizes to Towa. After the Future Warrior collects the 5 Distorted Time Eggs from the time rift anomalies in Conton City, Chronoa reveals that these eggs are the result of Towa's attempts to recreate Tokitoki's Eggs artificially, which Chronoa states is impossible even for someone as brilliant as Towa. However, despite lacking the power of Tokitoki's Eggs, these Distorted Time Eggs are powerful enough to create large yet stable rifts in time and after the Unknown History SagaChronoa reveals that all 5 Eggs were capable of producing a natural time distortion that causes Xeno Trunks go through with his desire to save Future Gohan from dying in Ageresulting in Future 17 and 18 being destroyed in Age by Xeno Trunks and Future Gohan, however, this possibly resulted in Chronoa fixing the altered timeline, or another Xeno Trunks the normal and stable one without having the effects of the Time Eggs being created as a result of those time distortions, resulting in that Xeno Trunks remaining in the Time Nest and continuing his work for the Time Patrol while the other one lives in peace in the greatly altered future timeline with his mentor, Future Gohan.

While investigating the Frieza's Spaceship time rift anomaly, the Future Warrior learns that a soldier named Navel was given a Distorted Time Egg by a mysterious yet beautiful woman, who is later strongly implied to have been Towa herself.

Another possibility is that Towa intentionally created the rifts to keep the rest of the Time Patrol occupied by forcing them to send Time Patrollers to investigate the cause of the rifts, reducing the number of Time Patrollers who could potentially interfere with her plans. It is also implied that her role in the creation of the Frieza's Spaceship time rift results in Frieza's Siege on Conton City in Agethough it is unclear this was intentional on her part or not as the siege itself can occur either before or after completion of the main story.

During the Infinite History Sagait is revealed that during her infiltration of the Time Nest in Age she secretly used the Time Scroll for Age to prevent her brother's death before covering her tracks.

time and eternity towa ending relationship

As part of the 1. Humorously and understandably, Towa is outraged by recieving a seemingly perverted gift a bikini swimsuit from an enemy and attacks Goku who flees from the angry Towa rather than fighting her telling the Future Warrior the enraged Towa was really scary and he barely escaped her fury when recounting what happened.

This can only be done after the main story and taking Goku on as an instructor and doing this unlocks a new costume skillset for Towa.

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Dragon Ball Heroes Main articles: Dark Demon Realm Mission! However, after losing control of Bardock, he and Future Trunks manage to overwhelm Super Miraso Towa teleports herself and her creation away.

In the game, Towa headed back to the battle between Kid Goku and the old King Piccolo, in an attempt to empower King Piccolo and strengthen him, however Future Trunks intercepted her before she could carry this out.

After her warriors have been defeated, Towa's brother Dabura as Xeno Dabura appears in order to aid her, going on to fight Super Saiyan 3 Future Trunks. Every single task is the same. People and items of interest are shown as spade or heart shaped markers on the overmap, and only appear in cutscenes when activated. In effect, while on the map, you are alone.

That number is about 8, as in, there is really is only about 8 or so different enemy models in the entire game. The battles themselves are, by far, the most monotonous events in this entire game. A little counter in the bottom right corner tells you how many fights you have left in one battle. The problem is the fighting itself. Battles are set up with you and the enemy at ranged weapon distance.

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The enemy can come into your space for melee combat, or you can go to him. Each monster has different attacks based on their distance from you. You just mash on it until the thing in front of you is dead. You can also dodge attacks by pressing left, right, or up on the left stick. This would be fun except all attacks are announced at the bottom of the screen and many have a timer that tell you basically when to jump.

The only time you get hit is when you attack too late and the animation sticks, holding you in place for the oncoming blast or high kick. At first, the battles were too easy, as I never even came close to dying and all of my healing items healed me entirely, no matter what level my HP was at. We need a "Food Gorn" trope just to describe Ricardo's cakes. Toki knows far more about Zack's perverted nature than one might initially guess, and even uses it against him a couple of times.

Zack also quickly figures out how to push Towa's buttons and get her to wear fetishy outfits he bought. Getting Crap Past the Radar: The artwork for the Affection screen is the same as on the game cover of the US version, except for one small difference: There are trophies for opening every chest and completing every sidequest in each chapter. Ricardo in the English dub, Gratuitous English in Japanese. I Just Want to Have Friends: She only wished for wealth in order to be on the same social level as Toki so they could be friends.

Hello, [Insert Name Here]: The hero's default name is Zack, but it can be changed. Consequentially, no one refers to him by name. Hidden in Plain Sight: Toki has never made a public appearance, so she can go anywhere in town with most people not even knowing she's the princess. The "Eternity" equipment obtained by defeating the four hidden bosses scattered about the world in Chapter 4.

Due to the game encouraging you to complete as many sub quests as possible, it is incredibly likely that you will receive the "Case Closed: There exist, as 'equipment', a Paper Knife and Toy Gun along with a Small Ribbon, Handmade Necklace, Handmade Ring, and an 'unbelievably generic' Beltbut these can only be equipped by unequipping any other equipment.

Zack, if the player makes such choices.

time and eternity towa ending relationship

He's a Chivalrous Pervert without the "chivalrous" part. Reijo realizes this and it's one of the reasons why she names him after various weeds. Toki also appears to be aware of it too since she will use it against him from time to time.

time and eternity towa ending relationship

He gets better as Character Development kicks in during the latter half of the game. Towa, especially at the start of the game, but she mellows out a bit over the course. Ricardo's cakes are so bad that they cause whoever eats them to witness a Near-Death Experience and grant them the ability to see and communicate with ghosts. Used as a Plot Point. First when it's revealed that he initially was a great baker, but then got inspired by Drake no less to start using fish as ingredients and thus ruining his cakes from then on.

Second is in the ending when, after the Reset Button is pushed, he's never inspired to use bad ingredients and becomes the best baker in the kingdom.