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For Ys: The Oath in Felghana on the PSP, a GameFAQs message board girls of Ys Seven, But I can say that they're dansunah.info no relationship Near the End of game or before she kidnapped by Dularn (Damn it why. This is the character list for Ys III: Wanderers of Ys and for the remake, Ys: The Oath in Felghana. For Adol Christin, Dogi and characters from other games . For Ys: The Oath in Felghana on the PSP, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "About Dogi and the ending. I want to know the exact connection between the big bad of this game and the Ark of Napishtim, which he said.

The sprites don't blow up amazingly but the game itself looks clean at least while running in p with 4 passes of AA.

There's really not much to say here it's a product of its time. The game uses what appears to be pre-rendered character models done as sprites with fully polygonal backgrounds.

The character portraits look nice at least. Story The story itself is fairly barebones and by the numbers. Ancient evil village in trouble etc. I will admit I didn't see the late game plot twist coming though. What the story is is a great example of gameplay before story. It certainly serves its purpose giving you motivation to move forward and stakes that need to be overcome but many details are mostly left to the imagination. Characters I really didn't get a strong feel for many of the characters and their motivations.

None of them were particularly bad or 1 dimensional but I really didn't feel much for them by the end. I was expecting a bit of a love story between Adol or at least Dogi and the female lead with how they set it up but even when she end game spoilers Spoiler bursts out of her house to run and meet you at the pier before you leave and with tear stained eyes says she knew she would regret it if she didn't see you off just says "Thank You" which there is nothing wrong with that I was just expecting it go somewhere with how it was set up the opening Dogi literally hints at how he would like to be in a relationship with her but then brushes off saying that with how it normally goes she'll end up falling for you.

You return to the same town every time and find new things that the villagers need done as you get to know them a bit better and help solve their issues eventually stumbling across whatever justification you need to head to the next dungeon. As you progress you upgrade your weapons at the shop or buy better ones. It's fairly straightforward and by the books. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Once I have enough time I can set aside for it, I'll be going through Seven as well.

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I'll readily admit that this was my first time playing through Napishtim; despite it being fresh in my mind, I might be forgetting bits and pieces here and there. Ys I through Felghana, on the other hand, I've finished at least three times each, so I'm sure of myself when I refute your theories about those games. Still, I enjoy being proven wrong since I know my memory isn't the most reliable.

If there's something I'm forgetting that changes everything, I'm all ears. Tia comes the closest, but for various reasons you'll learn upon playing the game, that would never actually work out. Aisha has great respect for Adol, but I see her more developing feelings for Dogi, strangely Mishera simply shows no real feelings toward Adol in any way Cruxie might have a girlish crush on him, but it's not very deep The closest I can think of for her would be a Vash to Adol's Captain Picard -- she might be interested, but it'd be more for a fling than for any sort of serious relationship.

In the end, I completely agree with your assessment, TDO: Of those four, Feena and Lilia are clearly the top contenders, and I'm quite convinced they're both head-over-heels in love with him. Lilia seems willing to step aside and let Adol be with Feena, but I'm not sure if Adol CAN actually be with Feena anymore due to story things that occur Holy Holy Topic Creator 8 years ago 7 WowI was thinking to make a similar thread on another forumbut thanks for you kindly discussion!

She need an older brother so she can play with? But yeaI agree with on some point.

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So Genos was a Eldeen and not Human? So If is true then I guess there's a theory to explain why Genos's Descendant are humans like.

My I guess probably is Genos settled down somewhere in the Island Genos Island which he later marry with a human girl and have children and kids. So there's might be a reason that his children has half Eldeel and human blood in them.

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After several yearsGenos might be dead or dissapearso his children probably marry human girl or buy and the cycle goes on. Althought the Eldeel's bloodline still exist but I guess that only people in Genos Island know. So Which give me a new theory that After Garland was brainwashed by GallabanGallaban might know IF any Ganos's desendant are still alive he can't ressurect to his completely form Ark was seal by Alma.

So he orders Garland to teminated all Genos Descendant. Now after Chester dies I think it's already hint for every aspect. Tia is very grateful to Adol since when they metAisha has a GREAT respect to him Every aspect that involve her between Adol clearly show and The ending narration show no different that she takes Adol as her friend or comrade.

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I bet If Mishera is not blind I didn't know that. And Sigoroon is just a kind of woman like " Will arrest Adol no matter what " xD well you never know how will Story writers will doI would l say that Adol will continue to remember Feena.

Even thought he is still adventuring.

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So If the Story writers are crazy enough enoughthey might will bring back Feena and Reah.