Friends that flirt with your man

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friends that flirt with your man

A friend flirting with your spouse can be a tricky and complex situation to read and respond “We'll have to find you a girlfriend or boyfriend of your own, buddy . Flirting with your best friend's boyfriend seems like a pretty controversial topic. But when we take a closer look, we realize that it's not as taboo. If they take the condoms and use your advice, then you definitely know she's not your best friend and he's not your boyfriend. No worries. You still did the good.

So maybe you and your best friend are so liberal that you realize you can love different people at once — and all without anyone getting hurt.

friends that flirt with your man

If you two are ok with that, fine, go with the flow, and enjoy that lifestyle. To each their own. But make sure that the people you are involved with are also into that sort of lifestyle. She might be too preoccupied or distracted to focus on the relationship. If you miss this chance, you might never get another one again. Unravel the clues and see if that boyfriend of hers is a sleeper or a keeper.

If he is as sleazy as she thought he was, then at least you helped him get rid of her.

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However, if he is a saint, then you might want to keep it a secret that you and your best friend were just testing him. If you really want to make her more insecure and have trust issues, then start flirting with her man.

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But be warned that such behavior is bound to end the friendship for good. That is just plain cruel. Take your time to think before you act on this one.

friends that flirt with your man

You might not even call it flirting. And neither would your bestie.

When your Boyfriend Flirts with your Friends

But the flirtation has no sexual undertones. However as you get emotionally closer to him, maybe you no longer like the idea of your partner being so popular with members of the opposite sex, especially your own friends.

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  • 1. Give her the benefit of the doubt

Take a course, learn a new skill, a language or pick up a hobby that will widen your horizons. Make an appointment with your stylist and get a facial or your hair done in an attractive way. How serious is it? It may be that your boyfriend is willy-nilly drawn to attractive people around him and no matter how uncomfortable you feel, sees nothing wrong in that.

However keep in mind that being attracted to others does not automatically mean that your partner is going to cheat on you. Attraction does not necessarily create a temptation to cheat and you could allow your security to grow on this fact.

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Have you unknowingly hurt your loved one or made him feel taken for granted? Or his compulsive flirtation may be a manifestation of some deeper uneasiness such as tensions at work or family problems.

friends that flirt with your man

Men going through a mid-life crisis have been known to behave uncharacteristically with women far younger than them and this may include an unaccountable flirtatious behavior too. Your boyfriend may not be ready to talk about what is bothering him right away but knowing that you are around and having the channels of communication open may help you both to discuss how to address deeper issues.

Instead choose an appropriate moment and place to discuss what you are feeling and why.

friends that flirt with your man

Instead of launching into a tirade and accusing your partner of being an inconsiderate jerk, admit that his behavior hurts you and makes you feel belittled especially when he flirts with your own friends right before your eyes. Also asking your partner why he feels the need to look for appreciation from others will allow him some room to present his side of things.

If it has been bothering you to an extent when you recognize the need to verbalize it, then it is surely not fun and as far as you are concerned definitely not harmless.