The saiyans meet goku fanfiction

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the saiyans meet goku fanfiction

What if he arrived during Goku's fight with Raditz? Heads are gonna roll as the Saiyan warrior makes up for lost time and ends up on a quaint. Babidi assisted me in finding the Saiyan race and here I am," Goku explained. It is a pleasure to meet you," the woman named Fasha said. Goku couldn't help but stare at the Saiyan beauty and smile, it was a . Then Bulma finally spoke "So how did she meet Goku's dad and.

Bulma dove over a chair trying to tackle Oolong, but she missed. Oolong dashed away squealing and Bulma started to give chase. Everyone burst out in laughter, even Vegeta and Goku, who were still pouring food down their throats.

You even beat me at eating! Chichi mumbled under her breath, "Our grocery bill proves it too…" Piccolo commented, "You do remember most of the people here have super hearing…" At that Chichi's face went red. Suddenly, a voice popped into all of their heads.

the saiyans meet goku fanfiction

It would more likely destroy it! All we need to do is confirm that he's safe enough to human kind. We believe that if he doesn't want to destroy everything, he would convince his people to protect the earth's peace. We also need another high ranking figure among the Saiyans, to go along with this. So Goku we will also bring back your father.

the saiyans meet goku fanfiction

For all I know he'll kill my family when I have my back turned! You will not live forever. Neither will any of the other Z warriors. We need new guardians of the planet. Since most earthlings will never be strong enough to fight off an alien threat, we need new heroes.

It's true that you will have descendants, but each generation will become weaker as they will have less Saiyan DNA. Therefore Goku, we need full-blooded Saiyans to protect the earth.

You will meet your fathers at the lookout as we have instructed Dende on how to get them there. Vegeta, what do you think of it so far?

I would never read such garbage! I might like it if I knew what the words meant… Vegeta: Go back to whatever you were doing! Chichi says I'm not allowed to eat anymore… Vegeta: Trunks already does enough of that… Trunks: Daddy's being mean again! He probably doesn't even care. You're just as excited and you know it!

There's a special connection between mothers and their children. You recognize me, don't you, Kakarot?

the saiyans meet goku fanfiction

Even if you don't know why. He swerved his head to stare over at his grandfather, who had stepped back when the Saiyan came forward. Grandpa Gohan smiled wide and nodded, his hands behind his back, watching patiently. Goku felt his eyes widen, gasping as he swerved right back to staring at the female Saiyan. That explained it, then.

That explained the strange familiarity. But Saiyans were supposed to be ruthless. His own brother had been evil. Raditz had kidnapped his son, insisting he kill the humans of Earth, and he would have killed him if not for Bright and happy, tears shining in her eyes even as she held onto his hands and refused to drop her grip.

Her tail reminded him of his own from childhood, the way it bounced around as she grinned up at him none the wiser. She reminded him of His heart ached as she held him, and his hands trembled as he tried to figure out what he was supposed to do in return, suddenly feeling like a shy little child.

She rubbed his back and murmured something soothing in a language he didn't understand, some words that felt more like a lullaby, a rhythmic undertone that gave him flashes of feelings he didn't realize he had, memories too far back to call memories, just a sense of knowing she had said this, or sung it, before. He didn't know what to do, so he let the tension ease as he relaxed in his mother's embrace and tried not to cry over the bond, the longing he didn't realize he had been holding onto all these years.

Another voice floated through the air, closer than it had been earlier. He turned his blurred vision and shook his head to clear it so he could focus on the other presence in the room.

The male Saiyan walked up behind his mother, setting a hand on her shoulder, before offering a steady gaze to him. Just one deep, dark gaze staring back at him, as if searching for something between them. The resemblance was uncanny, and he was reminded of Gine's earlier comment about how he looked so much like his father. Goku swallowed another lump in his throat.

He'd only ever been on one side of that relationship.

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Oh, sure, he had a father figure in Grandpa Gohan, but it wasn't the same. His grandfather had only ever called him by name or "my boy" never "son. He's my son, too, you know; he'll appreciate the conversation topic. Besides, it's something that's been haunting me ever since I woke up here. But weren't you guys supposed to be working for him? Ended up being alone because no one wanted to follow me.

the saiyans meet goku fanfiction

It didn't end well. Since you're both dead and all. Talking to his parents about Frieza and the Saiyan race was something he never thought he'd ever do. He knew Vegeta had tried to get him to care about their dying race at the time, but Goku fought Frieza for his own reasons. He wasn't really in it then for the Saiyan race; he never had been. Still, somehow knowing that his father had stood against Frieza's rule at the end He could be proud to be related to them, glad to meet them even in death, though he knew this moment wasn't going to last.

They wouldn't get to keep their bodies; this was something special Grandpa Gohan had arranged just for him; some temporary gift he hadn't asked for. I beat him, too. It was tough, though, and my best friend died in the process.

I can do it at will now. He liked seeing their interaction. He could tell they actually liked each other, and that made him happy, too, for some reason, since Vegeta had always given the impression that Saiyans weren't supposed to care for someone like that. When he stepped back and jumped into his Super Saiyan transformation, he continued to grin as he watched their tails reach for each other, watched their eyes bulge out in shock.

And then he dropped it, rubbing the back of his neck. Start from the beginning as far back as you remember. I want to know everything about you. He tried to keep it as in order as possible to not be confusing, but sometimes he would remember an event he hadn't explained that actually caused something in the future.

At some point, Bardock sat down on the floor to join them, and they bounced stories back and forth. Asking questions, filling in all the things they would have been able to share had they actually had the chance to grow as a family. He told them of his own family still down on Earth. Of his wife and son. Of his friends, too. Of his adventures with the dragonballs and everything in between. When he finished his stories, his mother stood up and walked over to Grandpa Gohan to thank him for being there and raising him as much as he did.

Goku smiled as he watched their interaction. It was nice seeing how friendly and kind his mother was; he wanted to go tell Vegeta how wrong he had been to assume that all Saiyans were one way. Though he could definitely get the Saiyan vibe from his father.

Except for when he caught Bardock looking at Gine. They had a special relationship, and it made Goku feel warm deep in his chest to know he wasn't strange for actually loving someone. A hand touched his head, and Goku turned to meet his father's steady gaze, which softened ever so slightly as Bardock murmured. This entire encounter had been full of emotions and longings coming to the surface for the first time, things he had wished for on a deeper level that he'd never needed to think about before.

Meeting his parents alone had brought those uncertain but thankful feelings to the surface. Hearing her voice and finding that ache to be stronger than he would have ever imagined. And then there was Bardock, his father, who had been so distant the whole time. Showing a clear interest in his battle achievements as Gine showed interest in his family. He hadn't been sure what to make of seeing his father. His mother had touched on a deeper sense locked far beneath everything else, but his father had been like meeting any other person in his life.

Goku never expected anything for the things he did in life. He fought because it was fun. He protected his friends and family. He lived each day as it came to him, never paying attention to the passage of time. He had grown and discovered feelings along the way. From love of his wife, to pride in his son.