Progetto inter school athletic meet

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progetto inter school athletic meet

Inter-School Athletics Championships see students breaking records in blue vests, are on track to take their ninth consecutive championship. During the two days, the LUISS delegation will also meet Jordanian students and The program echoes the University's international spirit and. It was so exciting to meet the students and learn about their dreams and in Amman under international protection, will stay at the University of.

Bill de BlasioMayor, New York City "What a great, great privilege it is to be here with all of you in this astounding hall. This is an amazing privilege to be with the future leaders of our world.


I just wish that the whole world, the world's leaders, had your energy. Because if they did, this world would be the happiest place in the universe. I am sure that I am speaking to some of our greatest future leaders, problem solvers, innovators. How impressive it is to be a part of the excitement of our next generation. This week you will learn what it takes to be a leader. First, thank you for doing it.

Progetto Mediterraneo: the LUISS delegation at the University of Petra - News - LUISS Guido Carli

The UN is a vital global institution. It better work because we have to figure out ways to make this planet work together, and that's the way we get countries around the table and try as we might to get global agreements on critical issues—exactly the task you face as the ambassadors and UN leaders in the Model United Nations.

The beauty of Model United Nations is that it is a simulation model that allows you, encourages you, to learn as you go. Just like life itself.

IMUNA is proud to hold conferences in various cities throughout the world. Interested in joining our team or in a partnership opportunity?

Erasmus+ Progetto EARN

The experience of participating partner countries point to the same practices and needs of target groups as in Slovenia. Employers who carry out practical training with work have a major impact on the further development of young people and their careers.

Integrating education and practical training to work is one of the most important areas for the introduction of young people in the working process.

In the framework of the project EARN partners are developing a new model of practical training based on best practices and experiences of the partners.

progetto inter school athletic meet

This model is based on the need to connect employer and student at the very beginning of educational process and by that achieve practical connection between basic knowledge of the profession and real needs of the employer. Students get chance to develop knowledge that is needed in the real work environment and employers get employee who is already trained for the job.

progetto inter school athletic meet

Furthermore, it gives opportunity to the employer to co-create content of the practical training in schools. Objectives of the project are: The exchange of knowledge and best practices between the partners.

District Level Inter-School Athletic Meet begins

Strengthening the impact on employers provide practical training. Upgrading the current cooperation partners with similar organizations in other countries and expanding this cooperation to new partners.

progetto inter school athletic meet

Establishment and implementation of a new model of practical training "Learning for the development of competences".

Acquisition of new skills and competences of teachers, educators and employers. Acquisition of new practical and useful knowledge for faster responsiveness, and the inclusion of students after school. Increasing interest among young people to the profession of stonecutting.

progetto inter school athletic meet

Increasing the corporate interest among young people.