Where can i meet chris evans

where can i meet chris evans

What's the true story of Chris Evans, who went from being a jerk in Not Another Teen Movie, to a beautiful, handsome, gorgeous, awesome, great-haired. Well, yeah, because Evans has fantastic body control and Stan is a notorious klutz. I wouldn't stand within accidental punching distance, either. <-- Love Sebby . Avengers on Twitter to the rescue! On Sunday, March 25, Avengers stars Chris Evans and Ryan Reynolds pledged to meet a dying fan via.

where can i meet chris evans

Well, no more for you to see. So, while Chris Evans has definitely said he's going to retirehe doesn't mean that like the average person. No, what he means is he's going to retire from in front of the camera.

He's said that he'd like to — once his Captain America films are all up and done around the yearknowing Marvel — focus more on directing. Which, as we've said, is something he's actually pretty good at. Think about it — aren't there dozens of really good directors who started out as really good actors? Dirty Harry eventually became the director of Million Dollar Baby. Of course, one of them had a racially laced screamfest and the other one yelled at a chair, so let's hope that Evans doesn't go that route.

Of course, while he's said he's going to retire, he has left the door open, just a teeny bit. He's said that he'll consider coming back for more Marvel films, if Marvel wanted him to … and was willing to pay enough, obviously.

Chris Evans Doesn't Think He's "Hot"—and for Good Reason

So we might not even be close to seeing the end of the Star-Spangled Crusader. Although, even if we do, is that such a bad thing?

where can i meet chris evans

Okay, no, he's really hot, so it's a terrible, terrible thing. Everyone around him is gorgeous and talented Getty Images Yes, while Chris Evans might be the person you'd most expect to have a soap opera past aside from, maybe, Nathan Fillion, who actually does he wasn't actually the first Evans to make it big.

His brother, Scott, is actually a soap opera actor appearing in One Life to Live. It's like Chris Evans draws talent to him, even reaching back in time and making his siblings talented just so they'd be worthy of him.

where can i meet chris evans

He can't even avoid dating talented people! While he's dated dozens of super-famous actresses and stars, it's his newest girlfriend who is the coolest and the best. We're not saying that just because she's gorgeous although, hello, would Captain America not date a super pretty person?

where can i meet chris evans

That's right, for the five of you who instantly got this right, Chris Evans is dating Jenny Slate — star of Parks and Rec, Obvious Child, Bob's Burgers, and Girls which is a show made by a rich person about white people falling in love in Manhattan, thereby completing the Circle of Slightly Unoriginal Artistic Visionary Life. She's also an amazingly cool comedian and writer and seems utterly head-over-heels in love with Chris Evans because, c'mon, who wouldn't be?

He seems like the perfect date. One could even say, the perfect Mystery Date… He was a model for Mystery Date If you were into dating-based board games as a child, you might have known about the awesomeness that is Chris Evans before even the biggest Captain America diehard did!

That's because, believe it or not, before Chris Evans became the subject of every straight-ish woman's dreams, he was the subject of every straight-ish girl's dreams as "Tyler," the name of his Mystery Date board game characterbecause, c'mon, who would want to date someone named Chris?

Evans' modeling appearance came in the '90s, and the game came with "an electronic phone" as opposed to those wooden ones powered by dust and dreamswhich supposedly contacted you to "Tyler" himself … um, excuse us while we go buy eight of these.

He wasn't just a small model inside the game either — his gorgeous mug was prominently displayed on the front of the box. Now, while saying yes to his job as a model for Mystery Date seemed to be a no-brainer for a young actor who needed money from anywhere to pay the rent, he had to be offered another job, well … a couple times before saying yes.

How To Meet Chris Evans My Experience at Ace Comic Con - LA Dreaming

And it's the job he's best known for today … He turned down the Captain America role Yep, that's right — when he was first offered the role of Captain America, he turned it down.

Initially, the casting directors didn't consider Evans, because of his putrid Marvel work as the Human Torch. And offered it to him again. The producers were like the man in Baby It's Cold Outside but, you know, less horrifying.

MY COMIC CON EXPERIENCE - Meeting Stephen Amell, Chris Evans, and Hayley Atwell

It wasn't until almost everyone in Evans' life was like, "Dude, come on" that he finally decided to take the role and we're all thankful he did. Of course, he had some good reasons to turn the role down.

It wasn't just, "Oh, I'm not sure this is the character I most want to pretend to be," but rather, after his experience as a movie star before, he wasn't sure he wanted to keep dealing with all the press. Which makes a lot of sense, given … He has super bad anxiety Getty Images The man who fights Nazis on-screen and also exploded into fire on-screen has really bad anxiety, which just goes to show, you can't always assume who has it just by looking at them.

After accepting the role of Captain America, Evans went into " panic mode ," and immediately started attending therapy. We're attempting to portray this as the actual horrible thing it is — because anxiety is no joke — but this seriously humanizes Evans so much, it's hard not to say, "Aww.

You can purchase a general admission ticket or a VIP ticket. The main differences between the two tickets are some extras like a special badge and early entrance.

where can i meet chris evans

The panels with the talent were available to anyone with a ticket. However, any meet and greets or autograph ops were additional costs. Chris, Anthony, and Mackie discussed what working together has been like. They seemed to have great respect for each other.

The untold truth of Chris Evans

Chris mentioned that Robert Downey Jr. They talked about the upcoming Avengers Infinity War. Todd McFarlane hosted the panel and he asked Stan about how he got started in the business. Stan is a great example of someone who truly worked his way up from the bottom. When he first started in comics he was an errand boy. After a while he began helping out on the comics and eventually found himself at the top. The reason that Stan used the same letters for his characters is that it was easy for him to remember.

Towards the end of the panel fans sitting in the front could line up to ask Stan a question.

Chris Evans Doesn't Think He's Hot—and for Good Reason | E! News

I was able to ask Stan which one of his canoes was his favorite. His response was that his favorite cameo was in Thor because it is the only time he has had two scenes. Stan completely impressed my friend and me. Something that was very odd with this convention was that you had to turn your photo op ticket in for a second one.