The relationship between jesus and his apostles

Chapter Jesus Chooses His Apostles

the relationship between jesus and his apostles

Present. Create your own · Report. Jesus' relationship with his Disciples. KS. Kate Schooley My Reaction to Luke John Jesus. After Jesus's death, they separated and began to spread his teachings. 12 apostles were Jesus's closest companions before his crucifixion. Jesus chose Simon Peter as one of his disciples. Peter was one of the closest disciples of Jesus Christ.

the relationship between jesus and his apostles

Peter is often singled out and the rest are mentioned as a group with him Mark 1: He also acts as a spokesman for the group. In Luke 12 he asks Jesus about the meaning of a parable. In Matthew 16 he affirms Jesus as the Messiah, and then in chapter 19 he reminds Jesus of the sacrifices made by the apostles as a group. He is often the first to act as well. As I mentioned previously, Peter is clearly represented as the leader of the apostles. However, the use of this passage in Matthew to justify the modern office of the Pope reads too much into the Scriptures.

Peter is the first to make a formal confession of faith Matt. He is sent, along with John, by the apostles to Samaria, when word had come that some had accepted the word of God there. In Galatians, Paul writes that he rebuked Peter to his face for separating himself from the Gentiles when accompanied by Jews from Jerusalem Galatians 2: The New Testament allows us to claim Peter as the leader of the apostles, but not the first in a line of infallible popes.

Where Peter is outspoken and prominent, his brother Andrew was happy to play a background role among the Twelve. Although Andrew is listed as one of the inner circle closest to Jesus, we do not have a lot of information about his ministry. He is first mentioned as a follower of John the Baptist. When John directs his followers towards Jesus, Andrew is quick to seek time with the Lord.

After listening to Jesus for a few hours, Andrew is convinced that Jesus is the messiah and immediately begins to tell others, starting with his brother Peter. When food is needed to feed the multitude, Andrew brings a child with bread and fish.

Andrew may not have had the leadership qualities of his brother Peter. He is never noted for his eloquent speech or his bold actions.

the relationship between jesus and his apostles

Like Peter and Andrew, they were also from Bethsaida and worked together with them in the fishing industry. Their father, Zebedee, and mother, Salome, were probably well off materially. The family is mentioned to have had servants Mark 1: Both James and John are members of the first group of four apostles, always mentioned first in lists of the Twelve. But they are also part of what might be called the inner three, those into whom Christ poured special time and teachings.

He was also the first of the twelve to see the empty tomb. John was first a follower of John the Baptist. That meant that he was seriously seeking God prior to meeting Jesus and was primed to make a commitment to the Messiah. He and Andrew had an early encounter with Jesus before becoming full time disciples. Both had spent time listening to the Lord and becoming convinced of His authenticity.

While with Jesus, their temperaments became evident on a number of occasions. Luke describes an incident in which John asks Jesus if they should call down fire on a Samaritan village that had refused them hospitality Luke 9: Having just experienced the transfiguration of Jesus, John was indignant at the lack of proper respect for his Lord.

There is also the well-known incident when Salome asks Jesus to place one of her sons at His right hand when He establishes His kingdom Matthew Jesus responds sharply to the request by telling them that they do not know what they are asking. They did not realize that His kingdom would begin with His sacrificial, atoning death on the cross.

It is somewhat fitting that James becomes the first martyr from among the Twelve. Acts 12 records that Herod Agrippa had James put to death by the sword probably around 42 A.

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James would be the first to die a martyr, and yet his brother would live the longest of all the apostles. Next we will look at the legacy left by the inner circle of Jesus and what we can learn from their lives.

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And he carried me away in the Spirit to a mountain great and high, and showed me the Holy City, Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God. The wall of the city had twelve foundations, and on them were the names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb.

Whether this verse refers to an actual city as many argue, or to the church or body of Christ, as others hold, it portrays the remarkable honor allotted to the Twelve Apostles. And among the Twelve, Jesus poured His life into an inner circle that had a key role in establishing the church. They were the audience at the Olivet Discourse Mark Offenses, things which cause a person to fall away, are going to happen.

The seriousness of Hell is illustrated in hyperbole fashion. A person is better off maimed that spending an eternity in Hell. It is better to prevent being able to sin, even it if causes hardship, than to end up in Hell. Hell is pictured as a place of eternal decay and eternal burning Isaiah The two images are incompatible, but they represent the two ways a dead body is disposed.

the relationship between jesus and his apostles

Hell is the place of the second death Revelation The idea of salting a sacrifice alludes back to Leviticus 2: Salt is a preservative to keep things from spoiling. Fire is a means of removing what is not wanted.

A frequent allegory in the Bible is the refining of child of God through the fires of trials Isaiah The purpose of such trials is to remove the unwanted so as to leave the desired behind.

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Thus, to preserve our lives, everyone is passed through the fires of trials. Though something is lose, it is better gone than to keep it and end up in hell. By such trials we are then preserved. Salt as a preservative is good, if it is effective.

Christ's Inner Circle - The Primary Apostles of Jesus

Instead of being a cause for stumbling and falling away in others, we should be seeking the preservation of ourselves and those around us Galatians 6: Parable of the Lost Sheep Matthew When a sheep is lost, a shepherd is willing to leave his flock to find that one lost sheep. Even though he has ninety-nine safely in his care, that one sheep matters to the shepherd.

We tend to rate people as to who is important and who is not.

the relationship between jesus and his apostles

God sees each person as equally important. Settling Disagreements Matthew If two brethren are in a dispute, they need to settle their problem in a way that involves the least number of people. Ideally, two Christians ought to be able to settle their own dispute, but too often disagreements are left to fester Ephesians 4: We have to deal with problems without personal hatred Leviticus Only if an attempt was made to resolve the problem and it proved unsuccessful, then two or three others should be asked to help resolve the problem.

The primary purpose of these additional people is to provide witnesses to what is being said. This keeps the dispute from decaying into accusations of what someone did or did not say.

It also shows the importance of having hard factual evidence from which to work. Yet even in their role of witness, the goal is to bring about a resolution to the problem. Only if the first two attempts fail is the matter to be brought before the church to be settled. If the church is unable to bring about a resolution to the dispute then the brother in the wrong is to be withdrawn from. A major effect of this method for settling problems is that the number of people involved in a dispute is kept to a minimum James 5: This can be seen in the dealing with false teachers in Acts The apostles and elders tried the case Acts It is not stating that the church has the right to create its own laws and that God would go along with whatever they decide.


When two or three are gathered under the authority of Christ that is, in his namethen Christ would be there with them. The decisions they make will be upheld by God.

Again, this is not a blank check to make their own laws. It is the assurance of the king that when his people uphold his laws, the king would back them up with his authority. Forgiving a Personal Wrong Matthew Sometimes a matter is settled, but it is then repeated. If a problem keeps resurfacing, how long must you keep forgiving someone who has wronged you?

Should it be up to seven times? Peter is actually attempting to be generous because the Talmud, the code of Jewish traditions, states that forgiveness was limited to three times.

Think about the wrongs we commit against God. If we find that wrong, why should we treat a brother differently?