Past life relationship issues with teens

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past life relationship issues with teens

A psychologist mines big data on teens and finds many ways this generation— the “iGens. the Rest of Us—an important read for anyone interested in teens' lives. Your guide to more connection, compassion, and kindness this month Great Recession don't seem to explain teens' mental health issues. If you are indeed Twin Flames - you did not have past lives together, at least not on Out of clients with relationship issues - only about 1 or 2 find out their. His obsession killed the relationship - then he learned it could be cured. It took time for him to discover that his problem had a name - and But when she spoke about her earlier life an emotion I'd never experienced began to take over. . people of all ages, from people in their mid-teens to their late 70s.

I went back to source and stayed. The next thing I remember was shining like a star …so brightly…and being approached to re-enter the world with a destiny greater than any human had had before… I am this man now. I missed a reincarnation that separated me from this woman.

I found her again!! I am the very same vibration as her, we are the same in every aspect. All details have proven true for us. Dates times and passions all coincide to bring us together again. I was nervous to speak to him.

He used to walk past my locker every day and with his gf and he and I would just make eye contact while he walked. We had a class together the next year, his gf had it too. He talked to me every day there and sometimes ignored her. It was so obvious I liked him that the teacher put him next to me every time she changed seats and always smiled at me when he and I would make each other laugh. The next year went the same way. The year after that we had P. The only girls were me and two of my other best friends.

He would stare at me from across the room daily and smile, probably at my blushing. Every time he made a basket in Basketball he would look at me. He called me pretty 7 times, once at Homecoming in front of other people. He compliments me, gets annoyed when I judge myself, stands up for me when I get picked on, even if his friends did it; cussed out a girl for insulting me and told her never to talk to him again, told me he loves me as a friend, thanked me for always being there for him, and said he appreciates me.

Ten of my friends have crushed on him.

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When one that still does blushed and said hello loudly and enthusiastically, he looked irritated and grunted. When I blushed and mumbled it, his eyes lit up and he replied happily. He recently broke up with his gf of two and a half years dif. My heart feels like electricity is coursing through it when I speak with him, my pulse races, my throat feels as if there is a lump in it, I get warmer, my body shakes slightly, I stammer, and I blush heavily.

Yes, even after all this time. We have this creepy thing where every time we are in the same room, we stare at each other. A lot of times when I walk in his eyes are already on me so I hold his gaze until I feel my cheeks get hot and then I get embarrassed and look at the floor. At the end of the year he came to my last class a lot and out of the corner of my eye I would see him looking at me.

One time specifically he did and I looked over and smiled and he did too but I began to blush so I put my head down on my arms.

past life relationship issues with teens

When I looked later, he was looking at me smirking. I said I feel the same about him. I honestly do not know why I am so attached to him or what about him caused it in the first place. I wonder if we were friends in a past life. The eccentric rich man lifewhere my family had me committed to a mental asylum was a more recent one but it went as far back as a life as high priestess in Lemuria, where I had even blocked off a part of my spiritual powers to protect myself and the people there.

The powers belong to the soul and as you are the same soul, even in two different lives, the you in this lifetime can access the powers the soul developed in previous lifetimes. Past live beliefs co-creating your current reality Recently a young mother with a big secret contacted me for a Soul Journey.

She returned to a lifetime in which she was a burlesque dancer. When we went deeper into the journey, she saw she was held captive in a cage and after her dancing she would be raped by an endless queue of men.

At one point she got pregnant and was allowed to keep the baby with her, but she had no idea who the father was. It could be any of the men who raped her on a regular basis.

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Huge guilt ate at her of course. It now made perfect sense to her that she had not felt herself, while having affairs with other men.

past life relationship issues with teens

She knew that her behavior was not like her at all, and still she allowed these experiences to happen in this lifetime that now that she went back to the past life made her feel the same disgust now, that she had felt then when all these men were groping at her in her life as a dancer.

When we looked back, of course her partner and the other potential father of the baby were in the long queue of men in her other life. No matter what I tried, she went blank on what she wanted to learn from that lifetime.

Up till then we had a stunning story, full of twists and turns but no breakthrough which makes it useless. That did the trick, she immediately realized that she had believed that when a woman is beautiful, powerful and capable of taking care of herself — men would come to take that away from her exactly what had happened to her as burlesque dancer.

Once she verbalized this past life believe, she saw how and when it had sabotaged her life again and again in this lifetime. At that moment I could feel, that she had really made the energetic switch.

Healing took place and the hook from that past life on this life was released. Just as whatever you believe in this lifetime, co-creates your current reality — what you believed in a past life and took with you energetically because it was hard coded in your believe system, when activated will again co-create your reality.

How To Recognise a Past Life Connection

Even when nothing you experienced in this life, justifies the reality that is being created. It is the past life believe bleeding through in this life that is responsible for the often dramatic consequences you see manifest in your current reality.

Retrieving separated parts of the soul Another possible scenario is that you retrieve separated parts of the soul from past lives. A female client that had been following me for years already, long before I started Gangsta Goddesses saw an update on Facebook about my Soul Journeys and knew she had to book one, which she immediately did.

We went into the journey and she went straight into a blind panic. She was hyperventilating on the phone, so I calmed her down. Reminded her, that she and I were here in this reality. She calmed down and found herself chained and locked in a room. Her head hurting from being hit over the head. She was a 12 year old boy whose name was Jens. There was no lesson to be learned. There was no believe to be uncovered.

I was led to do an inner child integration with her with this past life child and that did the trick, she took the little guy in her arms and for the first time in this lifetime she felt complete. She had always felt this intense feeling of being alone and deep sorrow, that was healed on the spot. Current life childhood abuse is almost always rooted in a past life When I hear of extreme childhood circumstances I now know the root lies in a past life.

As souls we always choose those parents and life circumstances that will support us the most in what we want to achieve in that lifetime. They actually help us prepare for that what we came to do, as you saw in previous examples. Still when it comes to children, we all want them to grow up in love and a feeling of protection. One of the most extreme Soul Journeys I went on with a client that I actually knew from my prior coaching business, when I was still teaching people how to be successful online.

Her current life was like a nightmare past life, her mother had worked as a prostitute her father was a pimp and she had been anally raped by her five years older brother from the age of 8 until she was 15 years old.

I was shocked when I heard her story, what a horror for a child to endure. I asked her why the incest stopped at the age of She told me her brother had gotten a girlfriend then and she had told him that now that he had a girlfriend, he had to keep his fucking hands off her. He never touched her again. Yet even her very first sexual experience with a boy she liked, ended up in rape. Can you imagine how a young girl who went through all this will experience sexuality in her life? Instead of this beautiful and amazing experience, sex had become this painful and violating experience to her.

By the time I spoke to her, she was already middle aged and fully disappointed in men. She had some trouble going in the Soul Journey, her mind kept telling her it was nonsense what she was seeing, yet still we went deeper and deeper until the full story was shown. She was a six year old girl in a family of eight children. Her father sold her to an uncle or nephew. In the beginning there was a fight, men beating each other. Her father won and she was sold off. For the rest of her life she was abused by the man who bought her and his wife, she was used as maid and sex slave to the man.

This is a typical example of a past life bleeding through in a current life. In that past life rape was all she knew, her whole life long. This life started out the same way. Forgiveness in these cases is crucial, because hating the abuser will only hurt yourself. Extreme situations like this, call for forgiving the unforgivable. It freed her from this experience and this energy frequency.

Also here you can do wonders for your relationship with your child by healing these past life energies. Clearing up this joint past life, will allow your current relationship to develop free of the influences and subconscious memories of your other life together. Past life vows tripping you up in the here and now Past life vows can trip you up bad. Deathbed vows are very powerful energetically, whatever you vowed while dying gets hard coded in your energy system and can influence your current reality.

For example the vow to never love any other then the soul you were married to in that lifetime or any other decision that you fully committed to. If you were a priest or a nun of any order you probably took a poverty vow and often also a celibacy vow. When these past life vows get activated in this lifetime for whatever reason, they sabotage your current reality often without you even knowing it.

What needs to be done, is to bring these vows out of the dark depths of your subconscious mind in your consciousness so that you can let them go.

Retroactive jealousy: Obsessed with my partner’s past

In for example a Soul Journey you could access them, if they are relevant to your current life. This could be a past life vow, or something else.

past life relationship issues with teens

Your soul runs the show, not us. She was a Caucasian woman, who had become pregnant and what started out as her delivering a baby in an army hospital — quickly developed into the worst nightmare in which the baby was eventually cut from her stomach, taken away from her and she was left to bleed to death.

The purpose of the whole session was to release the repressed emotions from that experience. Even I felt this heavy completely paralyzing energy that was being released.