God bless our relationship sms to husband

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god bless our relationship sms to husband

Jul 6, Let these four prayers guide you as you cry out to God for her each day. the Bible says about the roles of husband and wife in our Marriage. Jun 26, You want your boyfriend, friend or husband to start their day off right. These good morning prayer May God bless our home and our relationship forever. . May God bless you today and help you in all of your wishes. May he. My husband is one of my greatest blessings from God. His love is a gift that I Yes you are Lek, my greatest blessing miss you Valentines Day Quotes For.

Our love will never wane. Nothing will end our love. My most precious gift. You love so tenderly, so passionately. Your love permeates every fibre of my being. I do love you too. The glow of my skin, the light in my eyes, all testimonies of your tender, loving care. I really do hope you feel my love as much as I see yours. Awesome describes you my hubby. May God bless those loving arms of yours, providing for our home, shielding us from the harsh world.

Yours are the comforting shoulders that know my struggles so well. Yours are the ears, that listen without judging. Yours are the arms that wrap in warmth. Yours is the soothing voice that calms my fears. You anchor me so well. My heart relies on you.

Most important after God. You fit me so perfectly. I love you so much dear husband. You make me feel so special. When I prayed for a husband, I prayed God to give me the best.

He heard my prayers and I got you. You tend me so beautifully, my petals bloom. A believer in my dreams and aspirations. You urge me on and tell me failure is only a word.

Your eyes on me, convey your unspoken words. Our love is the stuff dreams are made of. Our love is rare and enduring. Each day I get a unique taste of you.

You get better always. Always, you tell me you love me and I see in your actions that you mean it. I feel so special with you. Sometimes the going gets tough but you never let me doubt your love. You never leave me excluded. You shower me with affections and I know I matter to you.

We define love, you and I. The world matters little. Each day, a special privilege to unwrap the beautiful gift that you are. Life with you is bliss. You unfold each day revealing strength of character. Like a ceaseless fountain, our love flows endlessly sweeping away every obstructing obstacle.

Our love will never be defeated. We keep bouncing back. Impossibilities do not exist.

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Your love shines through like the sun at midday. I love the way you love me. This is the kiss of heaven. Your love is my dreams come true. Everyday, you make me fall in love over again. We will always be fresh darling husband, no matter how old we get. I will give you the master treatment. You deserve no less than that, my own special man. Our love is perfect.

It holds no fear. You set my heart at ease. Like the sun you light up my world. You lovingly protect our family. You bear my cross so selflessly. You have kissed my heart with love. You cheer up my days and my nights are mirthless without you. I just want to tell you again, how special you are to me.

god bless our relationship sms to husband

I would never get tired of telling you or showing off our love to the world. I love you my special man with all your imperfections. My heart chooses you over and over. You have never given me cause to regret my choice. Loving you is my best decision yet. You give me countless reasons to love you. My very own treasure. My husband, hustler like no other. We fight, we make up. Our hearts are bonded. You complete me and I love you so much.

god bless our relationship sms to husband

Your love fill my days. My heart has found a resting place in you. You are the reason God created me. To love you and to hold you. Nothing compares with the warmth you give. Your picture is framed in gold, right in my heart. I carry you everywhere with me. To cherish and behold. The wind knows, the sun knows. The whole of nature knows how much I love you. The nights are even longer. Mine will always be the hands that wipe away your tears.

I really do love you. You encourage me always. You inspire me even more. I admire all of your ways. All I want always is to be with you. I think I love you too much. Without you, home is never the same without you. I only pray that we can live a long life so that we can enjoy each other in health, wealth and happiness for as long as possible. I will never stop praising God for all that he has created in you. May God bless our home and our relationship forever. There is another day to greet us with temptations.

Good morning, king of my heart. May our marriage always be blessed by him. I thank God for giving me the best spouse in the world. My dear, go into today with the knowledge that you can enjoy ever second of it. You have been set apart by the divine for merriment and happiness. Enjoy your day and have a good morning! From the moment you wake up this morning, God orders you to take steps toward reaching your place of glory in his name.

May you have a blessed day, my love! Beyond our wildest dreams and request, God has given us everything. When you think back to today, you will praise God and bless him for everything that you have done.

So shall it be. May every word that you say today be seasoned by His grace. May everyone that you encounter be blessed.

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May each soul you talk to find eternal happiness through him. I have always wondered why the stars disappear once the sun has dawned. Now, I know that they have only gathered so that they could walk with you throughout the day.

god bless our relationship sms to husband

Have an amazing day, my love! The words of God never return in a void. He has said that he will be our refuge and fortress. He will guide us through the wicked and allow us to emerge on the other side victorious. Have an amazing day, my dear. From this morning, may God turn your lack into abundance. May he give you plenty so that you never have to borrow again.

Good morning, dear heart! Even if things cannot go according to plan today, may God always give you the strength and courage to overcome it all. May you have a testimony-filled day, my love! On this morning, I have but a simple prayer. May God take care of you and keep you for the day. Without you, there can be nothing for me in this life. He has blessed my day by making you a part of it.

Good is the best word to describe this morning. Amazing is the perfect word to describe your love for me. Without you, the world would be so lonely. May God always bring us closer together and give you the happiness you so deserve.

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Good morning, my joy. Every power and person that resists your advancement will be overcome today, I pray. May today be the day that God grants you all of the answers to your prayers.

In the presence of God, there is abundant joy. May you always walk in his presence and allow the joy that comes from him to seize your life. Good morning to you, my love. Open your eyes to the brightness that waits you today. Get out of bed, get dressed and walk in the hope that the Lord brings to our life. Every evil that is trying to follow your steps today shall be blinded. Every time evil sets to work against you, it shall be destroyed and condemned for you bear the mark of God. Through him, you shall never fall to evil.

Good morning, dear one. You shall be like the tree that, once planted by the river, brings forth fruits at the right time. When God commands it, all of your works shall be fruitful. May today be the first of many fruitful days to follow. Good morning, my love! Good morning and have an amazing day today! From this day onward, I pray that all of your works will be blessed in the name of Jesus.

Good morning to the most amazing lover and friend in the world. In all of our dreams and longings, may the Lord always bring satisfaction. May he bless the best friend and lover that anyone could ever ask for.