Magnotta lin jun relationship

Jun Lin was under pressure to marry, ex-lover tells Magnotta trial - The Globe and Mail

magnotta lin jun relationship

Shortly after killing and dismembering Lin Jun, Luka Magnotta went on the travel site Expedia in the early hours of May 25, , and bought a. The shy Chinese student Lin Jun was alive when his neck was slashed. Magnotta was convinced Lin was government agent sent to kill: psych report had no friends, no real connection to family and was passing a lot of time online. Allard his version of the night he killed year-old Jun Lin.

Although Magnotta admitted to Allard the rumours about his romantic liaison with Homolka were a lie, he told her he remained convinced the government spied on him, telling her this belief stretches back to when he first started experiencing symptoms of schizophrenia. Magnotta tells his reason for killing, mailing body parts It was the belief the federal government was watching him that prompted the killingMagnotta told Allard in January.

magnotta lin jun relationship

Magnotta said Lin responded to a sex ad on Craigslist, leading to their meeting at Snowdon metro station on the night of May 24, Magnotta said Lin asked to have some of the pills as well and took two with half a glass of wine. The Luka Magnotta trial Luka Magnotta, right, is pictured with an unidentified man in a photo from a memory card recovered by police and shown to jurors on Thursday Oct.

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Police recovered this photo from Magnotta's camera and said it was taken May 19, Once he bought his ticket, he started clearing out his apartment, Magnotta said. He said they were faithful to each other and that he loved Jun Lin. Their sexual relationship, he added, was normal and they were "not very interested" in pornography.

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Asked whether they were into bondage, he replied through a Mandarin translator, "Absolutely not. Leclair suggested that Feng Lin didn't know his partner very well. He referred to Internet logs from Jun Lin's computer that showed he had downloaded a number of hard core gay porn videos.

magnotta lin jun relationship

Confronted with stills from one of the movies, Feng Lin asked the judge at one point if it was necessary for him to view the graphic images. Leclair then confronted the witness with Skype and other online chats that suggested Jun Lin had sex in person with a number of different men -- after the breakup of their relationship.

He said he knew that Jun Lin had been previously married and was divorced.

Tracing Luka Magnotta’s footsteps: The night Jun Lin is last seen alive

When they lived together, Feng Lin paid the rent and some of Lin's meals. While he'd met Jun Lin's parents, they'd never divulged details of their relationship to them. Montreal murder victim is missing man from China, police say Those charges relate to the fact that certain body parts were packaged and sent through the mail. A foot ended up at Conservative party headquarters in Ottawa, traumatizing personnel there. A video police say is of the murder scene shows the suspect stabbing the victim with an ice pick, then dismembering the body.

Magnotta told psychiatrist he made up rumour about Karla Homolka relationship |

There also appears to be acts of cannibalism and sexual defiling of the corpse. The Chinese community has been stunned. Students have discussed the case extensively on Chinese social media sites, including renren.

One commenter from China wonders whether Canada is a safe place.

magnotta lin jun relationship

Article Continued Below Magnotta has an extensive presence on the Internet, much of it objectionable. He is accused by many of having tortured and killed kittens and cats. A British newspaper even called police on him for this reason.

magnotta lin jun relationship