Stories about love hate relationship

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stories about love hate relationship

Apr 3, This is a story i wrote four years ago. Found it hanging in my shelf, had almost forgotten about its existence. It is a touching story i thought i. Love-hate relationships often have a much more interesting dynamic than your standard fairy-tale or meet-cute love story. Yes, it's great to see. Love Hate Relationship (a Colors novel) and millions of other books are available for . I love romantic comedies and even though this story was completely.

Recent graduate Ben Velzian was swiping through profiles on Tinder and was asked out on a date.

A love hate relationship with fall

While trying to decide where they should meet, Velzian sent his prospective date a PowerPoint presentation full of options of things to do. View image of Credit: The program, initially named Presenter, was first released — on the Apple Macintosh — in Bob Gaskins was the man behind it.

stories about love hate relationship

Anyone wanting to use it had to buy a new machine. Even so, people bought personal computers for the first time in order to be able to use PowerPoint, says Wired magazine journalist and tech writer Russell Davies.

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Alamy Democratising the workplace Davies explains that before PowerPoint, people used slides, overhead projectors and acetate films to convey information to groups — but anyone creating a presentation had to send away to get their materials made.

It took a long time to do, was difficult to make changes and because it was so expensive, only the most senior people in an organisation got to do it. Getty Images Around the same time as PowerPoint was gaining popularity, middle management was becoming massively criticised, says Matthew Fuller, professor of cultural studies at Goldsmiths at the University of London.

Part of her job is to observe people as they work. She has noticed that, rather than people asking for new analysis or insights in meetings, they were asking for more PowerPoint slides.

stories about love hate relationship

For the rest of that day Nathalie kept pondering. Could it be true? Could he be using her after all this years, it made little sense. Fifteen years of friendship, four years of dating, which made ninteen years of knowing Xavier and nothing to show for it.

stories about love hate relationship

Nathalie buried her face in the pillow. She felt like a confused teenager again, felt like picking the flowers and asking if he loved her. She knew he once loved her, but did he still love her, did he?

stories about love hate relationship

After leaving Peter's, he went to Nathalie's house. He had asked her to move in with him, but for some reason unknown to him, she had said no. Pressing the doorbell for the sixth time and still no answer.

stories about love hate relationship

He called Nathalie's line, and after five minutes, she flung the door open. Not because of the way she spoke to him, but of the way she looked.

Her hair was a mess unlike the always composed Nathalie. Her eyes were puffy like she had been sleeping all day. She had sleeping bags beneath her eyes and most of all, she stunk of alcohol.