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brumos swap meet 2012

VW / Porsche/ Audi Car Show and Swap Meet .. realize that the Boxster S that I bought from Brumos is “Buster, the .. Carrera 4GTS. Last year I attended a swap meet at Brumos in early April. Does anyone know if one will Thread: Brumos Swap Meet , AM #1 · John *Children's Home Society of Florida entered into an interest rate swap agreement with Bank of America that fluctuates daily with . every community in Florida, and we continue to evolve to meet ever-changing .. The Brumos Companies.

The track is also used for an annual spring car show and swap meet, and a Thanksgiving street rod meet, some of the largest of their kind, and various races around the track, as there have been three different layouts. A complete fan guide is downloadable.

Daytona Speedweeks - The group of races held at Daytona International Speedway the first two weeks of February are considered part of Daytona Speedweeks.

brumos swap meet 2012

The race is held on the road course track configuration. The race is usually held late in January or the first weekend of February as the first race of Daytona Speedweeks. The race date is adjusted year-to-year, to not conflict with the date of the NFL Superbowl. Usually held on the second weekend of Daytona Speedweeks, and a week before the Daytona race. The race offers no points to the drivers, but a large purse is offered for the winner.

Usually a narrow selection of drivers is invited to compete in the Bud Shootout. Half the qualifying cars compete in each race to determine field position in the big race. Presidents Day is the automatic rain date.

You can t take the race car out of a Porsche.

As soon as we have a firm date I'll let everyone know. They utilize the Celette Bench System. Required by many major auto manufacturers in the repair of their vehicles, Celette's Sevenne dedicated fixture bench is the most accurate tool for returning a vehicle to its pre-accident condition See a full on Auto body repair shop done the way Porsche, Mercedes and most high quality manufacturers want their cars repaired There will also be a demonatration of Meguiars wax detailing Southbay Dent Masters will be showing us how paintless dent removal can often save us lots of money on minor body damage April 27 Sunday, 8: Vince and Cecelia Knauf have been producing these events for a few years, and have offered to make this one happen.

We will be meeting at a to be determined Starbucks in Temecula at 8: After an orientation and some discussion and munchies we will head out on our adventure. You will receive detailed information on what to bring, how to dress and prepare.

brumos swap meet 2012

This event is designed for beginners who have no experience driving off-pavement. Circle Porsche is sponsoring this event and will be providing lunch and beverages we will picnic enroute. If you don't show up, we cash your check.

Fantastic herd of Elephant Seals, up close, giving birth, nursing pups, breeding, and males fighting over harems. Nearly two hundred miles of great Porsche roads. Wonderful scenery, including seldom-seen parts of old rural California. Fill your gas tank when you arrive Be prepared to leave Dennys at and arrive about in Morro Bay.

brumos swap meet 2012

Lunch will be by individual check. After an hour lunch we drive just under an hour to the Elephant Seals. We have a docent to lead us around and explain things No more than two hours, and an hour back to Morro Bay and the hotel with enough time to clean up for dinner or poke around if you like The San Marcos Inn is full.

Contact Marty for other accommodations close by. Again, we will have individual checks. It is a great Porsche drive over Hwy 58 82 miles without services including no rest rooms.

In Maricopa you have a choice: I estimate 2 hours to Ojai and another 2 back to Long Beach.

brumos swap meet 2012

When you reserve your room, let Marty Goldsmith preferably by know so he can keep track of how many are going. Marty will a detailed set of driving instructions so no one should get lost, even if you become separated. All evening long we were delighted as boats with Christmas lights sailed by our windows.

Rick Perkins Each year at our annual Holiday Party, we try to thank all of the people and organizations that have helped make it such a successful year for the club. This night, took the opportunity to offer a special thanks to several people who have been especially good to the club.

Terry is someone whose shoes are just too be to ever be filled in the same way. This is such a tough job. There are 13 regions in Zone 8, Grand Prix being one of them. The Zone 8 staff work hard to coordinate events and information among the regions. Part of that job includes conducting two meetings of region presidents and a slew of other meetings of rules groups, etc. For Bev, it also requires her to travel to events more than half of the weekends and to attend annual meetings of the PCA Executive Council.

A Zone Rep does this job because they love the club. They know going in how much work is going to be involved, and they do it anyway. There is no way we can thank Bev enough for her hard work and dedication. John is celebrating his 40th year as a PCA member. Besides that, John is one of the founding members of the Grand Prix Region.

It was a pleasure to hear John speak about how well he feels the Grand Prix Region is doing these days. Last, but not least, we had the pleasure of having Jack and Ginny Case with us. Our club founder, Bill Scholar, was a personal friend, and the Cases helped start regions from Riesentoter in Pennsylvania to Los Angeles. Jack presented the charter to the San Diego Region when it started 50 years ago. It's not hard to run into Jack and Ginny.

Just go to any of several San Diego Region social events during any month, or the annual Porsche Parade, or an event like the recent Rennsport Reunion in Daytona Beach, and you're likely to run into them. Besides a tremendous increase in the amount of events and participation by our members, our treasury has 9 10 The Circuit grown. We're continuing to build our driving program and, with special thanks to our membership chair, Peter Ross, we broke the barrier for total membership for the first time in GPX history.

And I'm predicting that, by the end ofwe will top the mark. I'm looking forward to another great year. A glance at the calendar shows a lot of exciting events coming our way. It has been my pleasure to serve as President and Editor inbut we'd like to find someone to take over all or part of the editor's job.

There are a lot of things we'd like to develop in GPX, but there are only so many volunteer hours in a day and, with some help, you will be amazed at what's on the horizon.

Brumos Swap Meet

So, give me a shout if you can see an editor or assistant editor's cap on your head, and we'll see you soon! Largest Porsche Event in the West!

Join us for some of the best Porsche racing in North America! Porsches of every type - 4x4 family porsche togenerated about a truck load of toys and food. Porsche owners know how lucky we are and it showed. The Registry wants to thank all that supported this event. It was a great success and a lot of fun. Participants brought an unwrapped gift or a Christmas type food or both.

Are you an instructor?: Driver Co-driver Emergency contact: Driving experience in last 2 years: Zone 8 Competition Class: Liability insurance is provided by PCA s traditional insurer.

A copy of the Certificate of Insurance is available at registration. You are responsible for this. Please see the PCA website and go to the insurance page for more information. Please review your personal car insurance to verify what coverage it provides, if any. Wayne Callaway or go to the website: Many examples of both were on display both in the garages and on the track. Many of the drivers who took these cars to victory were also there. The list of names is, well, amazing: The gave Porsche its first overall win at the 24 Hours of le Mans in and Powered by the Type flat 12 engine of 4.

The is one of the most iconographic sports racing cars of all time, and was made into a movie star by Steve McQueen in his film Le Mans. It was a replacement for the and was first tested by Jurgen Barth. The high down force aerodynamics made it capable of reaching mph on the Mulsanne Straight at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. In Jacky Ickx and Derrek Bell led the entire 24 hours. The other two factory s followed them, so the three factory s finished Boosted by its success, Porsche sold customer versions of the to privateers like Joest Racing, John Fitzpatrick, Richard Lloyd, Kremer and Brun Motorsport.

The overall all-time lap records for the 20 km Nurburgring-Nordschleife circuit in the Eifel Mountains was achieved by the qualifying for the km Nurburgring. Stefan Bellof drove the around in 6 minutes, seconds, an average speed of mph.

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In the was officially replace by thean evolution of the design. The car was so successful, it was still being competitively raced into the mid s. It led the race until retiring during lap with engine problems.

For the C debuted in the World Sportscar Championship, but lost to an older A more durable and powerful 3. He brought Porsche yet another 24 Hour of le Mans victory The was one of the most dominant cars in motorsports. Bob passed away in his sleep in April. He blossomed in the job and, in eleven years after Gregg's death bought the dealership.

Brumos racing history is re known, and Bob was at the heart of it for 35 years. They are spaced three years apart, and I have been fortunate to attend the last two.