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Oct 16, First, I have a 90 HF, but have not done the swap so I cannot directly answer . when the fuel pump meets the extra resistance of lean-burn conditions. The factory Honda service manual also states that the minimum speed I agree with this if you are comparing a Civic SI and a Civic VX in a drag race. Apr 9, my honda civic cuts off when I give it gas, it idles and starts just fine but Says to replace it also need to change half block or swap with a different engine. car is on located the cable wire where they meet with the spark plug. I understand that the engines were different (d15b8 for CX, d15z1 for VX), but what else? Didn't the VX have 13" alloy wheels or something.

The only thing I will have to splice is the interior lights and tail lights. Everything else once it is installed will be plug and play. This engine was a non-Vtec engine so I do need to open the wire loom and insert the Vtec-E wires. The O2 sensor has 5 wires instead of 4. Will look into using those wires if I can. Don't know why or if that is true yet.

It was information obtained while I researched this project. Instrument cluster in great shape,miles. Hope it all works. The car ran when it was dropped off at the junkyard.

Should have tested it. I got to it before it made it out to the yard. The Civic had mild front end damage.

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It appeared to have run under a big truck or municipalities vehicle. Had brand new Michelin tires on 13 inch steel. Almost bought those until I came in the next day to see yet another Civic parked in front of this one wearing 15 inch Honda Fit aluminum rims. So, I chose bald tires on aluminum rims over perfect eighty thousand mile tires on steel. What would you have done? Now I ask you again, what would you have done? If it wasn't the same as me, please don't tell me because I had to convince myself it was the correct choice.

One more thing about the VSS. So, if I wanted to experience the full potential of this engine, I would have to keep the transmission that came with it. I also would have to get the instrument cluster which lead to the entire wiring harness.

Most people who do these swaps manage with what they can find or tune and just deal with what they cannot fix. I want this build to function as if it rolled off the factory assembly line in Japan not the USA. Let's be honest with who builds better products because they take pride in their work and strive for perfection. Just take out the entire hydraulic system from the Civic. It is not using it, nor will it ever again. Leftover pieces are off to China that I do not use. I will likely have to bend new lines, something I have never done before, however I was extremely careful taking the pieces off in hopes that they will go right on without additional fabrication.

Last and probably least, the fuel pressure regulator FPR. Least because I problably did not need it. The metal tube is probably kinked so bending it back would not likely fix the problem and the FPR on the HF engine is probably the exact same. We hit 43 to 45 mpg on our first road trip, accelerating normally no hypermiling here after doing between 65 and 75 on the highway for the majority of the trip.

With future mods, the car will probably average plus mpg without breaking a sweat. We'll take this ride over a Prius any day! We assume our slight drop in fuel economy was a combination of Charles' heavy foot and some minor issues we found later on with the engine. With K on the odometer, the car was, for the most part, stock, with the exception of some unnecessary aftermarket wiring, a nonworking alarm, and the cutouts for a set of missing foglights. Besides a handful of issues, including a few dents and dings, worn-out suspension bushings, oxidized paint, and faded interior seats, the car was in good condition-a testament to the overall durability and longevity of Hondas.

Don't judge a book by its cover. Our Civic was a wolf cloaked in sheep's clothing. Initially, the car looked good from the outside but what was in store for us underhood pushed us into a whole new ballgame. The engine issues arose when it came time to passing our initial smog. The previous owner, or perhaps his mechanic, botched the timing belt job by installing the new belt off by a tooth on the cam gear, which caused our HC hydrocarbon levels to monitor high during the smog check.

Unsure of what was previously replaced on the engine, we decided to give our 1. We were confident that our Civic would pass the second time around, but found ourselves for a rude awakening when NOx mono-nitrogen oxides NO and NO2 registered above average.

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Upon further evaluation, we pinpointed the problem on a bad catalytic converter. I still don't know for sure if this project is just too stupid to do. It would just be so cool, much cooler than an Insight, which any fool can buy.

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I agree with you on this one. Originally Posted by moses Do the 5 wire O2 sensors fit the standard threaded hole in the cat? IF so it's just a matter of getting the wires up to the brain, right? While I would always prefer to avoid work, one thing I can do is solder. I build electronics in a research lab, I know how to hack a cable. The o2 sensor on the hondas actually screwed into the exhaust manifold, not the cat.

I think the b-series engines have two o2 sensors, but the d15z1 has only one and it is on the exhaust manifold. The hole is the exact same size for 1 wire, 4 wire, or 5 wire. It is just a matter of connecting it to the ECU, so it isn't that big of a deal at all. I'll let you know how it goes when I do it on my car. I'm going to have to wire 4 of the 5 wires myself as my car currently only has a single wire o2 sensor. The p07 is not desired at all by the racing community ,so they often ditch them.