Things to sell at a swap meet

A Compiled List of the Best Things to Sell at a Flea Market

things to sell at a swap meet

The best items to sell at flea markets provide an optimal combination of Meet with an attorney to discuss the legal liabilities of selling fitness. The internet's largest list of hints and tips for selling at flea markets and swap meets When you determine which items sell and which don't, you can adjust your. How to Find Things to Sell at a Swap Meet. Everyone loves a bargain, and a popular place to find bargains is a swap meet (also known as a flea market).

What you can do is to have a list of all the items that sell the most and see if you have some of those with you. BusinessZeal Staff Last Updated: Mar 22, Flea markets - also known as swap meets - are probably one of the best small scale businesses to start.

A flea market can be considered to be an upgraded version of a garage sale. It is bigger, better and with a lot more variety than a garage sale. But the basic idea is the same - to sell stuff you don't need. Some people even buy second hand goods and sell them at their stalls for a profit. Flea markets are an awesome idea to raise money - a lot of it, and quickly. But for the first-timers, it becomes quite difficult to judge what to sell at your stall.

Common Things Sold at Flea Markets Clothes This is probably the single most common and best selling item at a flea market - clothes. But you can add a twist to the clothes you choose to sell at your stall. Instead of selling old t-shirts as they are, why not paint some funny cartoons, quotes or messages on them? Similarly, you can cut the legs of your old denims and turn them into rugged torn half pants or capris.

If you are fond of embroidery, you can embroider the clothes you sell. Jackets are a hit in the flea markets as well. Make sure you categorize clothes according to age-groups or gender when you display them at your stall. Accessories Hats, caps, scarves, stoles, shawls, old bags, wallets, pouches, watches, belts, talismans, anklets, bracelets, necklaces, ear-rings, finger rings, toe rings, bangles, waist bands, headbands, wristbands, hair accessories The list is practically endless!

Accessories are one thing you don't need, but you still want them - and a LOT of them too! You can even include stationery items like pen stands, old note books, diaries, files, folders and the likes. Old Books and Magazines A flea market is a good way to get rid of old unwanted books and magazines from your library.

Books can include novels, poems, plays, informative books, self-help books, How-To books, etc. Sellers all tend to arrive at the same time and stand in line for a spot. Ask the flea market owner if they provide any additional services to their vendors. Some provide a newsletter to their vendors that gives them business tips, local auction dates and times, recommended places to buy products, etc. Choose the highest traffic booth space, if you have a choice.

Invest in a pop up shelter, as well as some good folding tables and folding chairs. Tables should be clean, or have some table cloths preferably solid colored to cover them with. Presentation is very important to buyers and will help increase sales.

Setting up a canopy will not only give your space a professional store-like appearance, it will also give you protection from the hot sun or rain. After setting up your tables, arrange your merchandise in an organized manner. Remember, a junked-up messy area can take away from the value of some items.

It can also cause people to start tripping all over the place. If you need electricity, bring extension cords! Most flea markets have power outlets available but they are not necessarily going to be near your booth.


You want to have everything ready to sell when the customers arrive, and they will arrive the moment the flea market opens. At the booth, keep the cash box close by and out of sight. Leave the kit packed and ready to go each time. Be prepared with the following: If you sell clothing, fashion accessories or shoes, make sure you have a full length mirror in your booth.

Bring more than you intend to sell. Full stands attract more buyers! There is a market for everything and at the right price, anything goes! If you can, bring someone with you.

things to sell at a swap meet

Not only will it be helpful to help you set up and tear down without spending hours on it, but it will also allow you to step away from the booth for a few minutes during the day and see what others are selling at the market.

Having someone with you can also help wait on customers and watch for shoplifters. Professional shoplifters often work in pairs. One person will distract the vendor with questions, while their partner steals items. Make and bring change!

things to sell at a swap meet

Make sure you have all kinds of coins especially quarters and small bills. Bring a cooler with ice packs, water, small snacks or anything to hold you over through the day. Business Issues Back to Top Know your audience. Know the demographic and cater to them by placing attractive items to that demographic at the front of your booth.

If your flea market caters heavily to teenagers for example, be sure to put items related to that demographic where they can be seen at a glance. Keep track of accounts and customer records. A simple notebook to write down your sales may be enough at first, but it is much easier to keep track of sales and inventory with proper software such as Intuit or Quicken, as well as CRM Customer Relationship Management softwares. Make sure you know how much you bought of something, how fast you sold it and what your profitability was.

Take advantage of technology and tools. If you only accept cash or check payments, consider accepting credit card payments. This will make it easier to close sales with customers who may not be carrying enough money in cash.

Consider obtaining a merchant service account with your bank and take advantage of Smartphone applications for Credit Card processing. Accepting credit cards can increase your profits. These days, you can purchase a small adapter to turn your smart phone into a credit card processing terminal the Square app.

Catch customers who have run out of cash! If you have no designated cashier, consider wearing a fanny pack or an apron with large pockets to avoid leaving a cash box unattended. Have a notebook or receipt book handy for customers who may request a receipt for their purchase. Customized receipt books are also a great way to market your flea market booth! Keep a notebook on your table to make notes of what customers are looking for, to keep up with trends, and to make notes of what merchandise will sell well.

Know your tax liability. Check with your local revenue department to determine your tax liability. The laws are different from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, so get all the facts before the day of the swap meet. Unless you plan to allow returns and exchanges, you may want to display an? Starting out at a lower price is often the way to go. Calculate what you need to get for an item based on your purchase cost for it, the price of your gas and your stall rental.

Remember you are trying to get a feel for the markets and your products.

What Are Good Products to Sell at Trade Days or Flea Markets?

If you raise prices, remember to do it gradually — never spike a price. Make sure you price all of your items visibly. When customers see no prices they assume the price is high. Many will walk past you, afraid to ask for fear of having to then tell you, no thanks. Favor volume over profit margins. Offer volume discounts when possible. Offer combination deals like? Lower your prices as the days go by.

What Are Good Products to Sell at Trade Days or Flea Markets? |

If you have multiple flea market days, charge your premium pricing on the first day. Focus on moving everything as quickly as you can. People who ask you to hold something for them rarely come back, and you have lost out on a potential sale by taking the item off of your table. Make it a family affair. Involving your children in the flea market business is a wonderful way to spend quality time together while teaching them about customer service, accounting, sales, marketing, and responsibility.

You can even encourage them to sell some their old toys, clothing, and electronics so they can make their own money.

things to sell at a swap meet

What to sell at flea markets and garage sales depends of course mainly on the items you already have at home — so start your search for the best flea market items to sell there! Then search the attic: The best flea market items to sell: Experience shows that some products sell significantly better than others.

Top selling items at flea markets Antiques, electronics and home appliance are among the best items to sell at flea markets and garage sales. Adult clothes also do not always find buyers.

A mirror is also a nice plus, as potential buyers can try a garment on before buying it. Do not hesitate to offer a low price to attract more people. Getting ready for a garage sale is like organizing a move: Remember that at 5 a.