At the drive in relationship of command discogs records

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at the drive in relationship of command discogs records

At the Drive-In - Relationship of Command - Music. Audio CD ( November 9, ); Number of Discs: 1; Label: Fearless Records; ASIN. Relationship of Command is, simply, a landmark release – not because it Bixler-Zavala's deeply cryptic lyricism – but this is a record best remembered for its. At The Drive-In – Relationship Of Command. Relationship Of Command (CD, Album, Reissue) album cover · More Images Fearless Records – FRL 2.

He felt their fairly straightforward set-up — guitar, drums, bass, vocals — was holding him back creatively. Not that they approved of that sort of thing, as any ATD-I concert attendee with a little too much enthusiasm or lager inside them can tell you. Similarly striking at the first time of asking: What are slithered entrails doing in the cargo bay, exactly? You might want to put some ointment on that. My girlfriend this, my broken heart that — boring, said ATD-I, and invented their own intriguing, but utterly disorientating and insanely complex lexicon.

One of the most vital albums of the first decade of this millennium according to NME, and one of the most important rock records of all time to the ears of Kerrang!

Not by the men behind it, and certainly not by those who came in their wake, those citing it as a key influence, a core text on their own musical curriculum.

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It has remained in a prism since release, reflecting adulation out into the creative cosmos, opening the entire spectrum of contemporary rock for all to appreciate.

This is still an album to switch on, turn up and flip out to. It seems when good news comes, it spreads quickly!

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I arrived at the smallest of the Reading stages, ten minutes before ATDI were due to begin, and was amazed at just how many people were there! The crowds stretched for literally 50 metres outside of the Carling tent, people totally squeezed together, kids climbing onto shoulders for a better view of the only half visible stage.

It always amazes me how so many people can be convinced of something, without actually ever testing it themselves. At least half the people in that audience would have never heard more than one ATDI song before in their lives, myself included.

at the drive in relationship of command discogs records

Absolutely no one was disappointed. At the end of the set the assembly of new admirers barely ever dispersed.

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Many people actually tried to get closer to the stage, in a half attempt to see more of the band. The new album, Relationship of Command, is one of the most amazing collections of music I have ever heard. The layers of sound and effects build up into a dirge of noise, which backs the amazingly emotive and harmonious vocals and guitar melody used by ATDI.

at the drive in relationship of command discogs records

Impact is exactly what this band achieves, unexpectedly and sparingly throwing anthems and choruses into their music to awake everything inside of you that was once withered or asleep. Despite the sheer force of this music, its flow and rhythm remain un-compromised.