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When Garrosh tosses a desecrated weapon, ranged runs in for mind control. . As for doing sad Holy Pally dps, I did use Denounce to help a little when the first, that I couldn't handle long distance relationships, but it's been surprisingly easy . Then it was classic Cadenza “push until your brain shuts down and then just. The Mind Brain Relationship (International Journal of Psychoanalysis Key Paper Series) (): Regina Pally: Books. MIND-BRAIN. RELATIONSHIP. by. Regina. Pally. In collaboration with David Olds Foreword by Mark Solms "This accessible review by Regina Pally of aspects .

While it is mostly untested and might contain some bugs, it should give a fairly decent idea on the value of different items. The spreadsheet is not yet feature-complete. Planned features are on the TODO list. If you have any requests that are not yet on this list, please contact me. Spec The best paladin dps spec is linked here.

Apart from a few points that don't affect dps, this is the optimal dps spec. I'm trying to work stat weights into my spreadsheet, but I'm running into some trouble. As always, the best way to find out which one is better is to consult the spreadsheet, but generally: SotC is better when: JotC can't be used because of any reason.

Fights last only a short time or you switch targets a lot. You're able to hit 2 or more targets with Consecration. Your weapon is a BRE.

SoC is better when: Using spell damage gear especially pvp gloves. Having multiple Ret paladins in the raid. You have a high mana pool. It also doesn't have the proc delay and therefore isn't affected by a certain percentage of Vengeance procs. Judgements and other abilities JotC: Different ranks of these stack, so coordinate with other rets in your raid, and consider asking holy paladins to judge a lower rank of crusader every now and then.

For these three spells, use rank 1 by default. Always uprank Consecration above others on multiple targets. There's a table in the spreadsheet. Affected by SP, and JotC. Use rank one as mana allows. Use rank one on cooldown. This ability snapshots your stats when casted, so try to get it off during Vengeance and other procs. However, do not delay it for longer than one global to do this. Currently bugged where it won't work if the boss' debug slots are full, and it can be overwritten by different ranks of Consecration used by other paladins.

Coordinate Consecration rank usage with other paladins in the raid. Resets swing timer and has a high mana cost. Extremely high mana cost and resets swing timer. Use situationally on high amounts of undead.

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This means that a large amount of the tools Blizzard gave us are a boon to the entire raid. In many cases auras, blessings, cleansing this can be done at no or very little loss in dps. However, in others, it can't. In those cases, you might be asked to sacrifice personal dps for the good of the raid. Most paladin auras have some situational use in some case or another, easiest example being Fire Res Aura in all of MC.

As Sanc Aura isn't a major damage boost, just use other auras if the raid requires it. Especially in my case, where I got to skip all the learning and strat adjusting attempts, coming in after the guild had already killed Heroic Garrosh twice.

That should add up to 10 people if you include me. The one tank, one healer strat lets you skip a lot of annoying parts What? Dunno about the rest of you, but I like when my screw up potential is lowered. The Bossy Pally blog supports creativity!

General Fight Overview when 1-tankinghealing Pull — Garrosh gets pulled to a spot between the throne and the center of the room. A weapon is desecrated and promptly killed.

Sometime around then Garrosh gets moved to the middle of the room. Our mage, with the help of our hunter, kills one of the Ironstar guys. A Wolfrider shows up around then with, I think, heals that need to be interrupted.

If our dps is awake, Garrosh will transition with seconds left until the next phase. If our dps is asleep, we get another wave of adds. The people killing the adds near Garrosh do some damage to the adds in the middle as they run past. Adds should die super super fast. As you can probably guess, this is the phase that was hardest for us. Everyone tries to get the protection buff, then we dance around Garrosh while he casts annihilate. Dancing Around The Room — Starting in the back of the room, melee stack on the boss, ranged stack further back.

When Garrosh tosses a desecrated weapon, ranged runs in for mind control. After mind control, ranged stay put and Garrosh is moved away. A whirl happens, then rinse and repeat.